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My favourite Animu = Clannad!

If thou like Anime, thou must have thy favourite Anime.

Well, it is my favourite Anime! They called it Clannad but I called it Clannad! What the different? Well they said it normally but I say it with love, like flower in middle of dessert!

Whatever, now lets get to the topic, but first scroll down after this amazing wallpaper!


So what is this Anime all about? What I can say is, it has amazing story, well arranged plot.. Don’t judge the book by its cover! It’s art it pretty¬†funny but other than it, it really amazing! Everything is start from Visual Novel and now almost everyone who have watched this Anime will remember its epic scene!

You can find more information about Clannad here.

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My Daily Life as Programmer (to be)

Hi! My name is Maelstrom! No, my actual name is different but on internet call me Maelstrom or Mael. So who I am? Programmer? Well, TO BE! Currently, the very day I’m writing this blog, I’m studying Computer Science under Information Technology this week! You don’t know how excited I am! So what is purpose of my blog? It will work like diary and… You see, you don’t know who I am in real life, so it not embarrassing if someone read my diary or something.. Ahaha.. Anyway, I’ll update time-to-time for what I discover or something interesting to share, what I learn, old folk once said, sharing is caring, that’s why I trying to share my life experience and if I happen to make my name in my career so youngsters can track my blog of what happen to this successful programmer!
HEY! Don’t laugh! Last year, I just dreaming to become a programmer, creating game, funny app but now I’m actually studying to be one! This might be some sort of motivation right? I spent $5k for studying this, well student loan for 3 year… Arghh!! , unlike Highschool day, If I just cancel this won’t it same as Suicide? Living Cost in my country is pretty high and additional 5k loan in hand is equal to suicide, guy.
I hope all of this will go without any problem!