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Let’s make a game

I want to create a game.. I already have the Idea and by end of the August, expect something. Good luck me! I’ll classed it as a hobby for now though. Making sure I’m killing time in a good way.

So what the game will be?

I received a permission from YandereDev to use the concept of Yandere Simulator, so in other word, I will create a game in that YanSim World with different graphics, setting, story, idea. Just a same world.

Seriously, what the game will be!

I called, Yandere Simulator : Senpai Story, although the senpai is not yandere but, aww.. giving a name is suck..

To learn more, visit

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C Language

C Language.. Not sure what ‘C’ mean but that’s what you’ll learn. I think it is a basic of basic for computer language.

Before you start programming, you will learn how it work. You will learn the concept of ALGORITHM; Pseudocode and Flowchart.
Below is example ALGORITHM for average people going to work

    Get out of bed
    Take off pajamas
    Clean asses
    Take a shower
    Get dresses
    Eat Breakfast
    Carpool to work

Almost similar thing is programming, well if you understand the concept of it, everything then will be a lot easier, like if you playing a game, everything will be easier if you understand the rule. In other words,


Flowchart is like Begin-Input-Process-Output-End and Pseudocode is like  what IF ELSE END

Then you will start programming.

There is several software that you can use like

My class use Borland C++, but Dev C++ is easier to download. I think both of it is freeware.

Anyway, you’ll learn how to make basic programming. In my case, I learn how to make unit conversion in C and several simple task. Following is the example startup question;

  1. Find the area for a triangle. Show the result for the area of the triangle.
  2. Count and show the result for the area of the square.
  3. Convert the value of feet to meter and show the result. One feet equivalent to 0.305 meter.

Of course, I have to answer it in C.

Now, let’s start programming!

This is an example source code to create a program that will converts distance in Miles to Kilometers.

   * Convert distance in miles to kilometers
   #include <stdio.h>
   #define KMS_PER_MILES 1.609
   int main(void) {
   float kms, miles;
   /* Get the distance in miles */
   printf("Enter the distance in miles>");
   scanf("%f", &miles);

/* Convert the distance to kilometres */
   kms = KMS_PER_MILES * miles;

/* Dislplay the distance in kilometres */
   printf("That equals %f kilometers", kms);

return 0;


Just copy and paste it, then Compile and Run it. Jang! Well, that’s the basic of it. Now, challenge your self by try it out by yourself! There is 3 an answered question above. It don’t really matter how you write it but what is the result is. Just ask for a question if you don’t get it.

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There is no escape! If you trying to become a programmer, There is no escape from Math! In other words, if you have problem with math, you really should start study! You will learn a lot of new things and of course, more Shitty problem, but it can be fun too.

Let see.. What it is..

Decimal Number, Hexadecimal Number, Octal Number, BCD Number, Gray Code, Binary Number and more! More? Yes, MORE OF IT! Function, Graph.. I don’t think I’ll able to list everything here. As for now, that’s all what I can remember, If you interest to learn what is it, Mr. Google can help.. Just type it. It fun to learn it too. Some country offer Additional Mathematics, if you can score that well, all this thing might nothing for you!

Moral of the Story

Math is an important basic in Programming, It also important in most other course as well, I think. So, if you want to explore Computer World, mathematics is basic of all.


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