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Let’s make a game

I want to create a game.. I already have the Idea and by end of the August, expect something. Good luck me! I’ll classed it as a hobby for now though. Making sure I’m killing time in a good way.

So what the game will be?

I received a permission from YandereDev to use the concept of Yandere Simulator, so in other word, I will create a game in that YanSim World with different graphics, setting, story, idea. Just a same world.

Seriously, what the game will be!

I called, Yandere Simulator : Senpai Story, although the senpai is not yandere but, aww.. giving a name is suck..

To learn more, visit

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MSI Laptop Mission Start!

Money, that thing is always been a gamer issue, I mean, if you’re a gamer, you’ll know that maintenance cost is very high. I’ve count it in USD, the first step for a gamer is suitable hardware or console. That will be around $500-$1000, if you looking for “barely made-it” one. Even PS4 is around $300. Game, average cost for a new game is around $60 each per week. You not planning to play a same game forever aren’t you?. If you’re online gamer than you know the Internet fee is not cheap, it’s cost vary to country but I think you’ll need $50-$70 per month. Electric bills? Dat Shiz ain’t cheap. Probably $20-$50 per month.

Well, as for me, I’ll taking a very first step.

SavingCollecting – I’ve thinking a lot. I think MSI Laptop suite my preference. What you think? Will I made it? $1000 or I’ll use that money for something else? Wait and see. This blog post meant to mark when is start saving, or will I blew it up? I hope I’m not since I usually fail at saving money ( I once determine to save for Sony Xperia Z, I end up using Lenovo Smartphone)

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How To Watch Fate Series

Hello guy, sup? In this article I’m gonna to tell you how to watch Fate Series. Ok, the thing is, if you ask about in on the internet, you will get 3 answers. Funny Story but it true. Now, how do you want to watch it. Chronological or Airing Date? So, I’ve made a research on Myanimelist, personally I recommend you to watch it on Air Date Mode.

But, before that I’ll tell you how Fate World Works. For your information, Fate is based on  Visual Novel. There is 3 playable route which is Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel.

Unlimited Blade Works

When you play it, you can only play Fate/Stay Night routes at first. When you finished it then you’ll unlocked Unlimited Blade Works routes and after you’ve finished the second routes then you’ll unlocked Heaven’s Feel routes. You got it? So similar concept applied to anime version. I classed it as Airing Date since it is mixed with movie and etc.

Airing Date

This is an easiest map I can give.

Fate/Stay Night -> Fate/Zero -> Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works -> Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel. Easy.

For Unlimited Blade Works Movie, I suggest you watch it after Fate/Zero and before Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. You might confused so let me stated it again;


Note, when I write this, Heaven’s Feel is not yet aired


Chronological Order

So, this one quite easy. If you wish to watch in it’s chronological order which is  I DO NOT RECOMMENDED 

Fate/Zero -> Fate/Stay Night -> Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works -> Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

That’s all folk. Good Luck, I appreciate if you share this post and website. 😉

I’m collecting money for a new laptop. In your opinion which is better? MSI or Predator?

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My First App On Play Store!

I sure have unique way to kill time, so I uploaded an application to play store! So in this article I will show you how to upload an apk file if you’re want to upload an app. This is my example app, I call it hotspot. This application is where you can enable your mobile hotspot in one click. It’s a convenient tool for me so I made it for myself. I even had to design the logo

 What you think? I don’t think made an efforts at all.. Now some serious topic,

How to upload an app to Play Store

The most important part is you’ll need money. It is $25 for developer account registration. Why is that? It’s believed to avoid spam or junk app. It’s okay, when you start selling an app or insert an ads to your app, it will cover that $25

You’ll need credit or debit card! Alternatively you can use Bitcoin. I use bitcoin.

When you have that ready visit Google Developer Console site. Make sure you’ve read the agreement and make sure your country support to apply a merchant account if you planning to sell an app or in-app product.

Then, you have to pay $25 for registration fee. 💸💸

Now while your account is pending for payment, can start uploading an apk.

Make sure your apk signed. It is very important for you to sign your apk so that it cannot replaced by anyone!

Then, you have to ready a features image, app screenshot, high resolution icon (512×512), description. When everything is ready, you can start publish your app. It will take a while to publish your app since it processing your application.

When you got everything in hand, you’ll become a millionaire in no time.

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Overwatch! You must heard of it right? That game is really cool, it’s still new but hey, who care for such a detail? Anyway, let’s take a look

Part of available heroes

So, what is this game about? well, this game is massively multiplayer online (MMO) Genres that available for WindowsXbox One and PS4. This game is team-base First Person Shooter (FPS), you see the popularity of MMO FPS is pretty high. No wonder this game has high sale rate.


This is game has two significance  version which is Overwatch and Overwatch: Origins Edition. Overwatch only available for PC while Origins Edition available for all platform, so high likely Origins Edition has higher sale rate, the price is starting at $39.99 for Owerwatch and $59.99 for Origin Edition. Once in a while, well there is no harm spent your money for game. Like I state before this game is a MMO so your opponent can be anyone. Overwatch is Blizzard’s fourth major franchise, if you ever heard about Hearthstone and Warcraft, they come from the same developer. Come to think of it, warcraft get a movie aren’t they?

Overwatch Gameplay


You can choose either 4 role which is

  • Offense High Damage but low Hitpoint
  • Defense  excel at protecting specific locations and creating choke points
  • Tanks is known for high Hitpoint
  • Support is.. You know, buff, debuff, effect, etc..

This pattern is not unusually heard of, I mean, if you usually play MMORPG, this is usual role.

Game Mode

There is several game mode that player can choose

  • Assault Attacking team must capture two target point while Defending team must protect them.
  • Escort Attacking team must escort a payload to target location while Defending team must stop them.
  • Assault/Escort Attacking team must capture a payload and escort them while Defending them must hold them back.
  • Control Each team tries to capture and maintain a common control point until their capture percentage reaches 100%.

Reaper Gameplay

  You know, there is a saying

If you’re a gamer, then you must play it!


OK, Now heard it, time to test it out yourself.

You can buy it here, at pretty fair price.. Come on! There is no harm if you buying it, if you’re saving it for something, then it’s the time for it!

Regard from me and Overwatch

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How to highlight text in WordPress

Hi, I thinks this is my first tutorial post. 😉
Then, I’ll show how to create highlight text in

Highlighting Text in WordPress

This is the only way to do it if you use free plan. This is the example of highlight text.

But how to do it? Tell me please!!

It’s actually very easy, but require a bit effort. Then, for the first time ever, you will use HTML Tabs!

Below is yours code

<span style="background-color:pink;">Hello my name is Maelstrom</span>

Just copy and paste it. Example above will give this as a result;
Hello my name is Maelstrom Easy? You just have to be a bit creative and you can make it Colorfull

Good Luck!

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C Language

C Language.. Not sure what ‘C’ mean but that’s what you’ll learn. I think it is a basic of basic for computer language.

Before you start programming, you will learn how it work. You will learn the concept of ALGORITHM; Pseudocode and Flowchart.
Below is example ALGORITHM for average people going to work

    Get out of bed
    Take off pajamas
    Clean asses
    Take a shower
    Get dresses
    Eat Breakfast
    Carpool to work

Almost similar thing is programming, well if you understand the concept of it, everything then will be a lot easier, like if you playing a game, everything will be easier if you understand the rule. In other words,


Flowchart is like Begin-Input-Process-Output-End and Pseudocode is like  what IF ELSE END

Then you will start programming.

There is several software that you can use like

My class use Borland C++, but Dev C++ is easier to download. I think both of it is freeware.

Anyway, you’ll learn how to make basic programming. In my case, I learn how to make unit conversion in C and several simple task. Following is the example startup question;

  1. Find the area for a triangle. Show the result for the area of the triangle.
  2. Count and show the result for the area of the square.
  3. Convert the value of feet to meter and show the result. One feet equivalent to 0.305 meter.

Of course, I have to answer it in C.

Now, let’s start programming!

This is an example source code to create a program that will converts distance in Miles to Kilometers.

   * Convert distance in miles to kilometers
   #include <stdio.h>
   #define KMS_PER_MILES 1.609
   int main(void) {
   float kms, miles;
   /* Get the distance in miles */
   printf("Enter the distance in miles>");
   scanf("%f", &miles);

/* Convert the distance to kilometres */
   kms = KMS_PER_MILES * miles;

/* Dislplay the distance in kilometres */
   printf("That equals %f kilometers", kms);

return 0;


Just copy and paste it, then Compile and Run it. Jang! Well, that’s the basic of it. Now, challenge your self by try it out by yourself! There is 3 an answered question above. It don’t really matter how you write it but what is the result is. Just ask for a question if you don’t get it.

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My Favorite Loli! (just made me feel complicated)

When you read this, I have a very complicated feeling right now. It just like unbelievable! My feeling is like running, you know I just discover some fact, or maybe, I already know about it. It just, I don’t want to accept it. I just, don’t know anymore..

So, the thing is, if you not yet watched  or currently watching Fate/Stay Night. This might be a Spoiler!!! So, read at your own risk! Wow, I just made it sound serious! Anyway, let me tell you again.

Spoiler Alert

Unlimited Blade Works

Now, I’ll write about Fate/Stay Night (F/SN) and it’s almost all franchise. Anime though. OK, before I watch F/SN, first I watch Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya (F/ILLYA), at this moment I have no Idea how Fate world work at all. F/ILLYA is a spin off for F/SN, so anything that I learn from that Anime has possibility for some part of it to be the same, but it might also to be different.

So what is my complicated feeling?

OK, read and weep. In F/ILLYA, Illyasviel von Einzbern is 10 years old, adoptive little sister for Emiya Shirou. Ok, I got it that much and I thought it the same for F/SN! You see, I take it as Face Value and ignore other thing which result for my miscalculation! Darn it! The thing is Illya is actually “Onee-chan for Shirou!” Can you imagine how I feel, that my favorite loli’s is actually older than  Shirou!



Shinobu is second-in-command

Here how I miscalculated, don’t lie, you’ve been fooled too.

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover

Well said, but the problem is Illya don’t act as one! Or actually the problem is within either

  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work

Both Anime is somehow from different world. On top of it, the story line clearly different and somehow probably the character setting is different. On, Fate/Stay Night, Illya is clearly treated like a child and act like one! She even called Shirou Onii-chan! So far, you might still not grasp the situation, but however, in Fate/Zero which is incident happened 10 years ago from Fate/Stay Night, Illya is 8 years old!


Shirou is 17, so Illya is actually Onee-chan for Shirou! Now! I’m feeling really weird about this, like What the heck is just happened!? I think my favorite loli’s is Illya from Fate/Kaleid, not F/SN.

Yes! That’s it! I think, finally I found my answer! Hell yeah! loli’s at legal age is not loli’s at all! There is clear different between Illya from Stay Night and Kaleid. Unlimited Blade Works Illya is died anyway, so Kaleid is my choice! No! MY ONLY CHOICE!

Note, when I write this, I’m still not really understood how Fate world work.

Ok, by the way, you might want to read How To Watch Fate Series.

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There is no escape! If you trying to become a programmer, There is no escape from Math! In other words, if you have problem with math, you really should start study! You will learn a lot of new things and of course, more Shitty problem, but it can be fun too.

Let see.. What it is..

Decimal Number, Hexadecimal Number, Octal Number, BCD Number, Gray Code, Binary Number and more! More? Yes, MORE OF IT! Function, Graph.. I don’t think I’ll able to list everything here. As for now, that’s all what I can remember, If you interest to learn what is it, Mr. Google can help.. Just type it. It fun to learn it too. Some country offer Additional Mathematics, if you can score that well, all this thing might nothing for you!

Moral of the Story

Math is an important basic in Programming, It also important in most other course as well, I think. So, if you want to explore Computer World, mathematics is basic of all.


Don’t just read it for you alone! There is share button below! Let you friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, roommate, housemate, enemy know about this blog! Help me build this blog together! Thanks for reading!

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My Openload Review

Do You Know, That You Can Make Money Online?

Yes! I’m not lying, can earn money from the internet and the payment method is very easy and it can be convert to actual cash! It doesn’t matter where are you from, even if you didn’t come from US, me either, but depending on your hardwork, you can earn a lot of money! So this time, I give ya a review about Openload,

What is Openload?

Openload is a PPD Program (Pay-Per-Download) mean if you upload a certain file, you will get money if someone download it. So, Openload has 5 payment rate, it is Very High TierHigh TierModerate TierLow Tier, and Others.

All this tier is represent of what country your visitor come from and the rate is fixed which is, every 10,000 downloads;

Very High Tier = $40
High Tier = $30
Moderate Tier = $20
Low Tier = $10
Others = $5

Now, what experience I have using Openload

I say, it really amazing! I use it for almost 3 month, and I’ve earn around $60! You don’t believe me? Then here is the proof!CaptureCapturepaid

See! Luckily I have impressive visitorCapture2 They use ads and pay you!

That is my experience using Openload, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!