About Me

Hi! My name is Maelstrom! No, my actual name is different but on internet call me Maelstrom or Mael. So who I am? Programmer? Well, TO BE! Currently, the very day I’m writing this blog, I’m studying Computer Science under Information Technology this week! You don’t know how excited I am! So what is purpose of my blog? It will work like diary and… You see, you don’t know who I am in real life, so it not embarrassing if someone read my diary or something.. Ahaha.. Anyway, I’ll update time-to-time for what I discover or something interesting to share, what I learn, old folk once said, sharing is caring, that’s why I trying to share my life experience and if I happen to make my name in my career so youngsters can track my blog of what happen to this successful programmer!
HEY! Don’t laugh! Last year, I just dreaming to become a programmer, creating game, funny app but now I’m actually studying to be one! This might be some sort of motivation right? I spent $5k for studying this, well student loan for 3 year… Arghh!! , unlike Highschool day, If I just cancel this won’t it same as Suicide? Living Cost in my country is pretty high and additional 5k loan in hand is equal to suicide, guy.
I hope all of this will go without any problem!