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MSI Laptop Mission Start!

Money, that thing is always been a gamer issue, I mean, if you’re a gamer, you’ll know that maintenance cost is very high. I’ve count it in USD, the first step for a gamer is suitable hardware or console. That will be around $500-$1000, if you looking for “barely made-it” one. Even PS4 is around $300. Game, average cost for a new game is around $60 each per week. You not planning to play a same game forever aren’t you?. If you’re online gamer than you know the Internet fee is not cheap, it’s cost vary to country but I think you’ll need $50-$70 per month. Electric bills? Dat Shiz ain’t cheap. Probably $20-$50 per month.

Well, as for me, I’ll taking a very first step.

SavingCollecting – I’ve thinking a lot. I think MSI Laptop suite my preference. What you think? Will I made it? $1000 or I’ll use that money for something else? Wait and see. This blog post meant to mark when is start saving, or will I blew it up? I hope I’m not since I usually fail at saving money ( I once determine to save for Sony Xperia Z, I end up using Lenovo Smartphone)

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How To Watch Fate Series

Hello guy, sup? In this article I’m gonna to tell you how to watch Fate Series. Ok, the thing is, if you ask about in on the internet, you will get 3 answers. Funny Story but it true. Now, how do you want to watch it. Chronological or Airing Date? So, I’ve made a research on Myanimelist, personally I recommend you to watch it on Air Date Mode.

But, before that I’ll tell you how Fate World Works. For your information, Fate is based on  Visual Novel. There is 3 playable route which is Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel.

Unlimited Blade Works

When you play it, you can only play Fate/Stay Night routes at first. When you finished it then you’ll unlocked Unlimited Blade Works routes and after you’ve finished the second routes then you’ll unlocked Heaven’s Feel routes. You got it? So similar concept applied to anime version. I classed it as Airing Date since it is mixed with movie and etc.

Airing Date

This is an easiest map I can give.

Fate/Stay Night -> Fate/Zero -> Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works -> Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel. Easy.

For Unlimited Blade Works Movie, I suggest you watch it after Fate/Zero and before Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. You might confused so let me stated it again;


Note, when I write this, Heaven’s Feel is not yet aired


Chronological Order

So, this one quite easy. If you wish to watch in it’s chronological order which is  I DO NOT RECOMMENDED 

Fate/Zero -> Fate/Stay Night -> Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works -> Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

That’s all folk. Good Luck, I appreciate if you share this post and website. 😉

I’m collecting money for a new laptop. In your opinion which is better? MSI or Predator?

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My First App On Play Store!

I sure have unique way to kill time, so I uploaded an application to play store! So in this article I will show you how to upload an apk file if you’re want to upload an app. This is my example app, I call it hotspot. This application is where you can enable your mobile hotspot in one click. It’s a convenient tool for me so I made it for myself. I even had to design the logo

 What you think? I don’t think made an efforts at all.. Now some serious topic,

How to upload an app to Play Store

The most important part is you’ll need money. It is $25 for developer account registration. Why is that? It’s believed to avoid spam or junk app. It’s okay, when you start selling an app or insert an ads to your app, it will cover that $25

You’ll need credit or debit card! Alternatively you can use Bitcoin. I use bitcoin.

When you have that ready visit Google Developer Console site. Make sure you’ve read the agreement and make sure your country support to apply a merchant account if you planning to sell an app or in-app product.

Then, you have to pay $25 for registration fee. 💸💸

Now while your account is pending for payment, can start uploading an apk.

Make sure your apk signed. It is very important for you to sign your apk so that it cannot replaced by anyone!

Then, you have to ready a features image, app screenshot, high resolution icon (512×512), description. When everything is ready, you can start publish your app. It will take a while to publish your app since it processing your application.

When you got everything in hand, you’ll become a millionaire in no time.