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My Favorite Loli! (just made me feel complicated)

When you read this, I have a very complicated feeling right now. It just like unbelievable! My feeling is like running, you know I just discover some fact, or maybe, I already know about it. It just, I don’t want to accept it. I just, don’t know anymore..

So, the thing is, if you not yet watched  or currently watching Fate/Stay Night. This might be a Spoiler!!! So, read at your own risk! Wow, I just made it sound serious! Anyway, let me tell you again.

Spoiler Alert

Unlimited Blade Works

Now, I’ll write about Fate/Stay Night (F/SN) and it’s almost all franchise. Anime though. OK, before I watch F/SN, first I watch Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya (F/ILLYA), at this moment I have no Idea how Fate world work at all. F/ILLYA is a spin off for F/SN, so anything that I learn from that Anime has possibility for some part of it to be the same, but it might also to be different.

So what is my complicated feeling?

OK, read and weep. In F/ILLYA, Illyasviel von Einzbern is 10 years old, adoptive little sister for Emiya Shirou. Ok, I got it that much and I thought it the same for F/SN! You see, I take it as Face Value and ignore other thing which result for my miscalculation! Darn it! The thing is Illya is actually “Onee-chan for Shirou!” Can you imagine how I feel, that my favorite loli’s is actually older than  Shirou!



Shinobu is second-in-command

Here how I miscalculated, don’t lie, you’ve been fooled too.

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover

Well said, but the problem is Illya don’t act as one! Or actually the problem is within either

  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work

Both Anime is somehow from different world. On top of it, the story line clearly different and somehow probably the character setting is different. On, Fate/Stay Night, Illya is clearly treated like a child and act like one! She even called Shirou Onii-chan! So far, you might still not grasp the situation, but however, in Fate/Zero which is incident happened 10 years ago from Fate/Stay Night, Illya is 8 years old!


Shirou is 17, so Illya is actually Onee-chan for Shirou! Now! I’m feeling really weird about this, like What the heck is just happened!? I think my favorite loli’s is Illya from Fate/Kaleid, not F/SN.

Yes! That’s it! I think, finally I found my answer! Hell yeah! loli’s at legal age is not loli’s at all! There is clear different between Illya from Stay Night and Kaleid. Unlimited Blade Works Illya is died anyway, so Kaleid is my choice! No! MY ONLY CHOICE!

Note, when I write this, I’m still not really understood how Fate world work.

Ok, by the way, you might want to read How To Watch Fate Series.



He just an average normal guy until earlier Spring. Currently studying and strive to become a programmer, motivated by YandereDev. He always love anime, manga and games. His waifu is Yuigahama Yui and his Imouto is Illyasviel Von Einzbern.

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