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My Openload Review

Do You Know, That You Can Make Money Online?

Yes! I’m not lying, can earn money from the internet and the payment method is very easy and it can be convert to actual cash! It doesn’t matter where are you from, even if you didn’t come from US, me either, but depending on your hardwork, you can earn a lot of money! So this time, I give ya a review about Openload,

What is Openload?

Openload is a PPD Program (Pay-Per-Download) mean if you upload a certain file, you will get money if someone download it. So, Openload has 5 payment rate, it is Very High TierHigh TierModerate TierLow Tier, and Others.

All this tier is represent of what country your visitor come from and the rate is fixed which is, every 10,000 downloads;

Very High Tier = $40
High Tier = $30
Moderate Tier = $20
Low Tier = $10
Others = $5

Now, what experience I have using Openload

I say, it really amazing! I use it for almost 3 month, and I’ve earn around $60! You don’t believe me? Then here is the proof!CaptureCapturepaid

See! Luckily I have impressive visitorCapture2 They use ads and pay you!

That is my experience using Openload, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!


6 thoughts on “My Openload Review

  1. $60 USD for in 6 month. you must be a complete genius…Honestly if you can´t make a $60 at least every day you would do better with working in a diner.


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